Crystal and Kenda

The River Watchers

More: Crystal is a female, she is almost 8 years old, a sweetheart, the most caring and protective dog we ever have, she is social butterfly, she will always have to stop to say hi with a lickto anyone she find around when we stop by the park, mall, grocery store, restaurants ( YES. WE TAKE OUR DOGS EVERYWHEREWE CAN). Kenda is 4 years old, he is energetic, playfull, best cuddle buddy ever, he definitely loves the water and laying on the yard, loves getting his tant for the ladies 💝. They are precious for my husband and I. A month and a half ago we found out that Crystal has a brain tumor that inoperable. We are taking things day by day, she is taking her meds on time to avoid seizures and enjoying every second with her human parents that adore and love her so so so much 🥰💘