Daisy May

Beach Bum

More: We rescued Daisy May when she was only 10 weeks old. She was living 23 hours of the day in a dirty cat crate while 4 other adult dogs walked around freely. She sat in her feces and urine all day. The lady that had her did not want her because she said that she had to many dogs already. Fast forward to when we picked her up & took her straight to PetSmart & bought her everything from food to a leash to toys etc. the next day we brought her to the veterinarian & found out that she had a urinary tract infection & a double ear infection. So we treated all of her illnesses and took her home and gave her lots of love. The urinary tract infections kept coming back so we did cultures to find out the exact cause & they even had to extract urine directly through her bladder. She handled it like a trooper. She was given lots of medicine & we never gave up on her. She endured many urinary tract infections and had to continuously go to the bathroom quite often but we never gave up. The doctor told us to let her go through at least one heat & then maybe that would help with her urinary tract infections. So we did and that seemed to help the situation a lot. Even though Daisy May had a rough start to her life she is now a healthy, happy, spoiled & very much loved pup & very much a part of our family.