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Fallin for you

More: Hi y'all, Deb here. My full name is Debbie, but my friends call me Debbers..if I am a bad girl my Mom calls me Debra, but that's rare because Ima good girl😊. I'm from the Colorado, and in a strange game of who wants a puppy, my mom got hold of me while she was working at a guest ranch in the mountains. It totally wasn't in her plan. But she couldnt say no tk this face. She took me in and my brother and sister were also adopted by other workers at the ranch. After spending a couple months living in the wild wild west, we really bonded on our roadtrip back to Virginia. Nothing beats a car ride with good tunes. I love nature and all things outdoors. My favorite game is frisbee because I love to show everybody how high I can jump..hehe. I just started swimming last summer and my mom says we are going to get a stand up paddle board soon so I can't wait to try that out. I love mostly everyone I meet, but I do have my favorites, and they know because I give them endless smoochies. You can tell by my full body wiggle and smile that something exciting is going on. I might be the fastest doggo in the Dog park, what can I say? I'm a herder at heart. With that being said, being active is important to me, just as much as I like to nap and have my back scratched. Sometimes I howl when the ambulance drives by. Its a new skill of mine. I love when my mom gives me chicken and duck eggs. That's my favorite meal. Some people say I'm exotic looking, and I guess I never thought of myself like that, but hey I'll take the compliment😊 I'm an old soul at heart and just want everyone that I'm around to be happy. Take care!