Listening for the next adventure

More: The search was on! Lexi, my rescue from 8 years prior, had just lost her brother, Tango, to congestive heart failure. Tango had been the leader, and Lexi was so lost without him. So began the search to find Lexi a new brother to give her a pal to lean on and enjoy her days with. We, at first, went to the shelter to meet another dog seen in the local newspaper. While walking to meet the newspaper dog, I saw Dexter with his head down in his crate. The dog from the newspaper was much larger than had appeared in the photo (too large for Lexi), so I asked to meet Dexter who was more in line with the size of Lexi. We got him outside with the handler he was accustomed to. He only wanted to stay beside her, and was very loyal to the one who had cared for him. You could tell he longed to be outside.  He had been found roaming some fields with his sister and fending for themselves. I took Dexter home (shelter named "O'Brien"). He was estimated to be 7 months old by our vet. Dexter immediately wanted to mark the house and was a feisty one. He had so much energy, and it was difficult to train him and give him the exercise needed because I had to be at work everyday. Time with him was the challenge in our situation. He and Lexi got along splendidly. Lexi loved running and being chased, and Dexter loved chasing her. It was a wonderful fit! Dexter was a natural born leader, and he was exactly what was needed for our family. He absolutely loves going on adventures--anywhere and all the time. He still adores being outside. Dexter has become the most loyal and communicative dog I have ever had. He has watched and learned routines and habits of the family and taken on his role within the family unit. That training, while slow coming around for lack of time from me due to work, is a thing of the past. He understands so many words and knows what to do just by talking to him. He always tries so hard to please and is a fierce defender of his family (even at 26 lbs.).  He loves his walks and car rides and wants to be on the go all the time. Dexter has brought so many laughs and love. He is an incredible dog that loves people that care for him. I feel fortunate to get the chance to be a part of this little dog's life.