Cowboys like us sure do have fun. Racing the wind, chasing the sun.

More: Eddie was a rescue from TX now living with me in Madison, WI. He wasn't sure about WI winter but the snowball changed his mind. A true cattle dog, he loves to herd. He'll knock down a good ground ball all day long – the best short stop the MLB never had. Eddie's got hops standing 16" tall, he can jump 4'. He springs into the crotch of my river birch to chase chipmunks. He's agile and fast, outrunning a pair of greyhounds in hot pursuit at the dog park. My spotted cowboy has a speckled belly and reddish undercoat with little bobtail (DNA aligning with Australian Stumpy Tail Cattledog) He's 24 lbs of crazy hair and ears that bounce when he walks. He has a perpetual smile and so now do I.