No matter how old I am I can still do puppy eyes

More: Ch Lucky’s Ella is a 4 year old registered Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Her coat color is Blenheim. She was diagnosed 18 months ago with Addison’s disease. Since her Addisonian crisis ( I almost lost her to it), she has been well managed on medication she will take for the rest of her life. She is a typical CKC spaniel who loves to snuggle, but she also is very sporty and absolutely loves nothing more than being outside, nose to the ground, chasing butterflies, mice, leaves, and just about anything that moves with the exception of baby bunnies. When she discovers a bunny nest, she carefully places herself in the nest and “mothers” the babies. She is the perfect balance of what a lap dog should be, and what a sporting dog is bred to do.