You can take a dog out of the woods, but you’ll never take the woods out of a dog.

More: Elvis was a wild dog from SC who was on the run from Animal Control for over 3 years. He had been living in the woods behind a shopping center. He was only able to be caught after getting a plastic jug stuck on his head. He roamed with that for several weeks, in the Summer, while rescuers worked tirelessly to catch him. He endured broken bones, shot gun blasts, loneliness, and extreme starvation. He went to the county shelter, then was pulled by a Coonhound rescue in Charleston. They got him on the road to good health and showed him what it was like to be loved. He suffers from major anxiety and while our lives have been designed to accommodate that, we wouldn’t have it any other way! Elvis loves to go squirrelin’ and molein’….lol. His nose is never wrong! He loves being busy!