I am Emme and I am living my best life!

More: Emme has the heart of gold and has brought my family so much joy. She is smart, fun and loves people. She is a great listener, photogenic and a love. We had a golden retriever, Alfredo for 5 short years and used to transform Pro plan dry and canned food for sensitive skin and stomach into a meatballs and Alfredo ate in a Bailey chair due to an illness called Megaesophagus. It was a lot of work and he lived 2 1/2 years after his diagnosis. We were lucky enough to get Emme 10 months later and she uses a mixture of Proplan puppy and sport. She is growing strong and has very big paws! We will always use Purina Proplan for her diet. She healed our hearts with new memories and she has beautiful kind eyes and is the epitome of great health. She gives everyone young and old so much love. We love our newest member of our family and we know how truly exceptional she is. Alfredo will always have a huge piece of our hearts and we have learned of how more much love we have to give with her. Thank you for considering our beautiful girl, Emme.