Adventure is out there!

More: 7yrs ago I went out on a search for a dog for Nick and I. Never would have guess that I would have stumbled on the most perfect Angel. Finn is loved by so many people all around the world and is often described as “the best dog”. Which he is! He is sweet, loving and loyal (unless food is involved then his loyalty is questionable lol) Finn is my adventure boy and soul mutt. He’s climbed more mountains with me than most people do in a life time. He has seen Starship at SpaceX, and dipped his toes in the Chesapeake Bay. He loves squeaky toys and laying in the yard soaking up the sun. He lives for his walks and follows his nose. There will never be another dog quite like him and I’m so happy that he is here and still bounces off the walls every time we come home. From shelter life to my military brat and good boi!