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Best memories, outdoors with my girl Friday

More: The tail-wagging girl who greeted me with a cheery manner, no matter how I came, Is no longer here. Though she disliked thunder and fireworks and for the most part did her thing. She was wise beyond years and enjoyed every bit of life. Self-taught soccer player, goalie of sorts Master of mind tricks And catcher of all - especially treats. Trusty companion, rebel at heart Taught me about living, gratitude and no matter what came at you, enjoying it all. This girl, this beautiful, beautiful girl who weaved her soul into mine Her heart, forever connected with me. Left last night - taking a bit of both as she went to heaven. For now, my heart is broken and my pain, My pain, I feel in my chest. The heaviness can be hard at times. But I know I will be with her again one day, for now she lives in my heart, my soul, my thoughts. My being. I will always love you Friday, you were the best girl any human could ask for.