Contentment after a Summer afternoon walk …

More: This boy … what can I possibly say about this big black & white bear who owns my heart?! I’m over 60 years old & this is my 1st dog! And goodness … I never expected for a soul so large, to grab my heart so firmly … I am immensely grateful that at over 11 years old, this amazing boy still is my best friend, by my side, from sun up to sun down, helping me take care of our “gentleman’s farm.” He’s been with me as we welcomed rescued horses, rabbits, lambs, parrots & even a peacock needing a place to call home. Our gentle giant in a fur coat. You’re totally allowed to have a bit of slobber on your face after a Summer afternoon walk! You’ve earned it you silly bear! And yet, you still pose with total class, as you cross your front paws, waiting contently at the front door … a peaceful moment in time. Thank you for all the love & support, you still give me every day in this adventure called life! I love you, my big bear ❤️