Creekbed Resting point

More: Ginger is the best mistake I made. She's not a brave girl, but she loves her chihuahua/jrt mix brother who is the bravest dog. She loves to make us laugh, can watch the security camera and know what's going on outside. She's a snuggle bug, and brings out the best in everyone who meets her. She helps me deal with my tourrettes syndrome, one day she just flopped herself down on my lap, paws on the arm that was moving, and I don't know where she got that from, but it was so endearing. I'm not a child, so it's not like anyone cares about grown folks struggling. I dont have the vocal cursing, so its not something people want to be around. I've actually beat myself up with the motor tics, and she just did that. It's hard to not want to do what's best for her, when she's the only one who cares about me. Full disclosure, the girl in my Instagram is my daughter, not me