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World's Most Handsome Bird Dog

More: Goose is the most amazing, loving, loyal boy. He is six years young and LIVES for the bird and the ball. He is the most amazing bird dog. He loves to fetch, swim, dive and snuggle. He spends half of the year in Florida swimming, jumping and diving in the pool and the other half of the year in Michigan's upper peninsula doing the same in Lake Huron. In 2020, several weeks after returning to FL from MI's U.P., Goose was diagnosed with blastomycosis which is a rare and extremely serious, potentially fatal, fungal infection primarily affecting the lungs. It is caused by the fungus Blastomyces dermatitidis which lives in moist soil and decaying wood and leaves and is found around the Great Lakes. He spent 4.5 months in the ICU at the University of Florida's veterinary school where the Veterinarians and vet students took amazing care of him. This picture is of Goose's first hunt back from his miraculous full recovery!!! He is our best boy we love him to bits.