Gracie Martin

Eating a nice bone!!!

More: She is a sweet heart loves walks, car ride and loving people. She is are guard and will do anything to protect us. She will do anything for human food. She had Kinney stones removed about a year. I don’t know my her her exact age but I know she is five years old. Gracie Martin owners name is Madison my daughter she is thirteen now and we get her when she was eight!!! She loves to dig and get dirty she like to get out of the yard and look for new adventures. She also hates thunderstorms or any kind of storm. She loves loves love to cuddle. She had puppies when she was around three. She loves to play with are white kitten Tessa and sometimes are other cat Meana but really she is nicea. She would be thrilled to to be on your magazine and giving hope to other animals and people!!!