Hank (black and white, blind dog), Charlie (red and white sighted dog and Hank’s guide when needed)

Outdoor adventurers of Charlie and Hank

More: Hank is blind. He gets around extremely well. My aunt adopted him from the animal shelter as a puppy. He was born blind. When my aunt was diagnosed with terminal cancer I took over Hank’s care. Charlie needed a companion and my aunt wanted to know her dog was going to be looked after. Hank was 1 1/2 when I got him. He had never been hiking (he was a farm dog). He took to the trials quite well but he was scared of bridges and water crossing at first. Charlie has been hiking his entire life. I got an attachment for my leash that allows me to hook both of them to one leash. This allows Charlie to “guide” Hank when we are in a new area or an area where I feel it’s safer than off leash play. I can tell when Hank needs Charlie. He will gently lean against Charlie from time to time. I think this is to just help him get his bearings but I’m not certain on that. Off leash, Hank does amazing. He is a bit slower and used his nose to navigate. Steep downhill trails require me too hold onto his harness as he feels more secure this way. My dogs are great companions. Charlie is loyal to a fault. Loving and playful. Hank loves to be loved. I could not ask for a better pair of dogs. Hank proves me wrong every time I think he is going to have a limitation and Charlie has proviene to be wildly good for both mine and Hank’s feelings of security. He keeps us safe.