More: Harlowe was a rescue from a kill shelter in Georgia. We got her from Honor Rescue in Florida. This picture was taken on a visit to Ellijay, Georgia. She looked so happy to be “home”. Harlowe is an amazingly smart, loyal loving dog. She has a great personality and is loved by our cats, rabbit and bearded dragon. She is very protective of our daughter and me especially when my pilot husband is away flying. She loves to ride in our Jeep and go out with our son on his little Boston Whaler. She LOVES our mail woman Christie. When she hears the mail truck come into our neighborhood, she barks and squeals very high pitched, so we open the garage and she runs down the driveway, jumps in the mail truck, gets a treat, jumps out to eat it then gets back in the truck to be petted. So cute. I think it’s true what is said about rescue dogs. They pick you and they are grateful that you picked them for the rest of their lives.