Hazel and Porter

Romping in the Grass

More: As our first dog together as a couple, Porter was our first love, but only a month after having him we knew he needed a best bud. One tearful trip to the shelter later and we came home with Hazel. Two puppies was way more than we bargained for, but it was so worth it. Now they’re inseparable and love exploring as much as we do. Porter is a lazy lab at heart and has a constant need for belly rubs, while Hazel is usually off getting her nose into trouble (or dirt). They crave open space, as on this winter day on the muddy banks of a lake in Kentucky when they sprinted and swam to their heart’s content before plopping down in some tall grass for a rest. Porter and Hazel remind us to enjoy the simple things, and our life with them is infinitely better.