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Matriarch of Rocky Acres Farm

More: To some her eyes are compassionate, me, they are the eyes of a hawk; never missing a bird, treat, nore a visitor. Registered GWP - whelped Apring 2013 - Schwarzwaid's Duchess Heidi. My wife and I agreed to home kennel and trainer her with NAVHDA help, and test her natural ability within one year. Heidi is a skilled hunter, terrific companion, leader, lover, and official greeter to all our farm guests. Heidi is know for her upland bird and local pheasant hunts. From porcupine quills to lacerations, she has also met the entire local veterinary staff many times. Heidi has led bird hunts, even inspiring one hunter to carry his camer, in lieu of a gun, just to photograph her points, honor point, and fetch. Recognition came with a personalized Orvis bed from this veteran hunter. Several hunts have included high school graduation gifts, college student, and Christmas gifts. Heidi's photo was take in late June 2022 just around the time my wife was diagnosed with ALS, and our children and grandchildren were visiting to learn the news. Heidi received and accepted a new title of 'therapy dog' that lasted until Bonnie's departure in early September and continues for me to this day. Christmas 2022 brought sad news that Heidi has oral cancer; a fast moving type. A few weeks ago a plan was quickly devised to stock and hunt pheasants on our farm for what might have been her last hunt. She is tiring quicker and rests more these days. Heidi has been, and is, what every family should have - a treasure!