Herbie the Lovebug

You Paddle - I'll Keep an Eye on Things

More: Herbie was rescued from the streets of Houston, Texas. At first, he was an old grouch. But once he got his teeth fixed and the vet chiropractor adjusted his back, he turned out to have a great sense of adventure. I thought Herbie might enjoy kayaking, but he hated to be picked up and refused to wear a winter coat. How would I lift him into the kayak? Would he wear the life jacket? First, with treats, he learned to accept the life jacket. Then he learned to jump into the kayak on the garage floor. Then he learned to wear the life jacket while sitting in the kayak in the garage. Finally, he let me lift him by the life jacket handle and set him in the kayak. Our first time out on the lake he acted like he had been kayaking his whole life. He loves it!