Jack & Bailey

Double trouble twice the fun🐶🐶

More: Jack and Bailey stile our hearts when we met them at a shelter. We were looking to foster one dog when they brought out both! Jack went right up and sat in my youngest daughters lap and Bailey gently walked over to my oldest and sat in hers! Softly wagging their tails and more polite than any 3-4 month old puppies I had ever met before. How could we choose just one?! They both came home as our pandemic puppies in early March of 2020 when Covid quarantine began. These fosters quickly joined the ranks of our family and were adopted a month later. They have been a God send to us all as I am a stay at home mother and my kids doing virtual school. They are the most lovely, affectionate, sweet dogs we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing! It’s a classic case of who rescued who🥰🐶🐶❤️