A day in the Dog’s Paradise

More: She is the Brand Ambassador of Happy Journee Pet Accessories, A women owned business named after her. She just finished her beginners dog class and She was the only puppy that has complete attendance and she was the only one that attendeded their graduation day! She has a very sharp hearing sense, protective of her family whenever we go for a walk she will wait if one is walking slow and is far behind. Whenever she feels sleepy she would want his mom and dad to be with her in the bedroom , If we are incomplete She would go to one of us and bark until that person gets to bed. We used to have Golden Retrievers that we love for their obedience but owning a Pyrenees like Journee is such a gift! She makes us feel special , She offers a very unique kind of love. If she knew that one of us is hurt and not acting like hurt She will come closer , lie beside that person and will lick his/her hand. She likes dog park so much and she would choose small to medium dogs as her playmates. She gets so excited whenever she sees kids but she is gentle with them. One of his favorite person is his grandpa, She will sneak into grandpa’s office and will look for him first thing in the morning because his grandpa always give time to play with her. She loves her family so much that it is a challenge asking her to go out of the backyard to potty, She just wanted to be around her family. She’s very unique