The smile says it all

More: Juno is a 3 year old rescue. She had a tough puppy hood. A week after getting Juno (at 8 weeks old) she began to throw up multiple times a day. This went on for 3 months. She was seen by multiple vets who could not determine what was causing her symptoms. She was lethargic and losing a lot of weight. We were mentally preparing to put her down. We took one last shot with a vet who performed a scope and biopsy of Juno's stomach. He determined the cause of her symptoms: a virus. She was given medication and within a couple weeks she was symptom free! Juno is a snuggly, goofy, active and sweet girl. She loves to hike, take long naps, eat food scraps that dad "drops" and go for car rides. We could not imagine our lives without this goofy floof!