I got here first

More: Kai’s absolute favorite thing to do is play ball. Whether it’s soccer (he would make an amazing goalie), catch with his tennis ball (sometimes we go out on the tennis court and he is the ball boy), and fetch with his football. He enjoys snuggling up real close to his people and sometimes on them. Being predominantly a cattle dog, his natural instinct is to herd his cat siblings when they try to escape outside. He can be seen running circles around them, nipping may their back feet, and trying to gather the 3 of them back into the house. He is extremely food motivated and is curious to try just about anything . He will stop whatever he is doing and run to the door and whine when the word walk is even mentioned. He can sense one of our family members from about a mile away from our house, and always alerts about 2 minutes before they pull in the driveway so we know they’re close. At the end of the day, he enjoys to share a cup of Ice cream with his younger humans and get dibs on the middle of the bed and pillows so I get the edges of the bed.