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Sunshine, Fresh Air, Cool Breeze, Beautiful Mountain, Amazing Dog!

More: Kenzie loves adventure! She has climbed many mountains, big and small, put thousands of miles on her paws along trails long and short, swum in lakes and rivers of all sizes (and jumped in many a puddle, too!), and sniffed millions of sniffs. She adores her stuffed “babies”, loves children, steals socks and shoes, always brings presents to visitors, makes happy noises and grins when she sees people she loves, and snores when she sleeps! Oh – and lest I forget - she absolutely LOVES to eat! So that’s what she likes and does – but I also want to say something else – she makes everyone in our family, in fact everyone who sees her – SMILE! I wish I could count up all of the smiles she has brought to our family, our friends and people she meets. She makes the world a better place just by being her – and that’s about as awesome as it gets!