Texas Bluebonnet Girl

More: Leah was a rescue dog. Our rescue group went to the shelter one day with the intention of saving 1 dog (all that we had room for) and we walked out with 5 beautiful Labrador ladies. Leah stole my heart and soon became part of my family. Yes, another foster fail for me. She was quite possibly the most perfect dog EVER! Kind, gentle with all, mild mannered, very well behaved and the sweetest love-bug ever. She did not leave my side. She walked well on and even off the leash. Stayed with me, on the sidewalk (off leash) ignoring both people & animals. She jogged with me, ran alongside as I rode my bike, swam & played in every body of water (& mud) she encountered. She was the best hiking buddy & personal trainer. I think she may also had some “training” in psychology as she always knew when anyone needed a hug. Seriously, best dog EVER! She loved cat rides short or long, trips to the beach or snuggles in bed.