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On my dock , her last swim

More: I found Libbey July 4th 2010 in a hotel parking lot. I was going to my truck with a suitcase and a plastic grocery bag with snacks & fruit inside. The bag broke , a nectarine rolled in the parking lot and she grabbed it and brought it to me & that’s how I met her . She was in really bad shape , without any identification, and I decided to bring her home to Wisconsin. Libbey was approximately 6 months old when we met . Fast forward almost 12 years, she was diagnosed with cancer / lymphoma in March of this year and passed away May 19th . Libbey and I packed in a lot of living in those 3 months together since her diagnosis. She loved swimming, retrieving tennis balls and watching ducks from the end of our dock. I don’t know who rescued who, I miss her so much , she went everywhere with me. Her nose prints still on the my truck window glass . She was a true warrior through her cancer but the cancer ultimately won. I will rescue another dog someday but Libbey will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for doing this to help save someone else’s Libbey.