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Winter Dustings in the Cranberry Bogs

More: It's beautiful to see nature and life through Loki's eyes. He communicates with his surroundings and makes all feel at balance. The slow observations, stretches to the sky, basking in the sun, the dance with wildlife, the rhythm between point and hunt, the deep rest, love and play. Man learns so much from his best friend--and remembers, that his own instincts and connection with nature were never far from home. This photo encapsulates Loki's essence. The stillness and keen observation of something in the distance, as the seasons slowly shift in the Northeast. A pause that feels like the wind. It reminds me to be at peace and surrender with my environment. Loki was bred and born in the Green Mountains of Vermont, just north of Killington. Every time we visit and go hiking, I feel as though he's showing me his roots. While his name is derived in Norse mythology as the "God of Mischief", he has just the right dose as a puppy, and the rest of his cup is sweet as can be. He wears his heart on his "paws" and makes everyone feel right at home. Thank you to the Orvis team for allowing us to share our story and connect with the outdoor community. Best, Loki & Rachel