Loki (The Lokes)

Living large in the North Cascades

More: Along with being devastatingly handsome, Loki (The Lokes) was exceptional in every way. He was always on watch but never sweated the small stuff. He'd cruise by to check in while I was on the computer, crawl into my lap for a snuggle, then go back to his bed. He was a canine diplomat, knew how to put a scared foster dog at ease, but took no guff from anyone flashing bad manners. He would get mad if the log he'd chosen for a stick was too big to fit in his mouth. He knew how to pick raspberries, rotate a toy with his paws like an otter, and spoke Wookie. He'd howl in sympathy with sirens, even TV ones. He loved watermelon, snow, and any toy that could be thrown. We shared trails, pizzas, blankets, and countless good days. I will miss him the rest of my life.