Cutie pie Lucy

More: Lucy has overcome multiple serious medical issues in her almost 5yrs, and we’re so thankful to still have her with us! We discovered a liver shunt at 6mo old and thankfully emergency surgery was able to repair that and she recovered pretty well. Then the next year we almost lost her to a bout of HGE, during which she had a seizure and lost all senses (hearing, sight, taste, etc) that gradually returned over the course of a few months. THEN she wandered off for a few minutes in our back yard that’s by a small pond and in the winter it was half frozen - she is only a few pounds so she had gotten just a few feet out before I realized, but was too far for mw to reach her! I screamed for her and she walked another step and fell in through the ice! I jumped in and waded up to my neck to save her and was able to get her out and inside to get warm and dry. She was pretty shaken up and so were we! She’s put us through quite a few scares but we couldn’t imagine life without her sassy self snuggled up next to us each day. She’s the best!