Chillin’ waiting for the next flight to Mexico!!

More: She is blind and that ball is her first toy she ever had. She has never torn it up like she does with other toys. It’s her security blanket. She was born in Texas. I went there on a business trip and the security guard had her at his station. They were going to take her to the pound and I just fell in love with her. Now mind you we have had big dogs all our lives and thought little dogs were horrible little ankle biters. But she was special. I had to buy her a ticket to fly home to Pa and I did NOT tell my husband. He would never have wanted a little dog like this. I got off the plane and showed my husband and he said what the “F” is that!!! I said meet Lucy your nanny that you asked me for. See a travel a lot and my husband ask for a nanny to keep him company while I traveled( ha like that was going to happen) He forgot to be specific so he got a four legged nanny😁. He said no way and that name Lucy has to go!! Now I drove home so he could hold Lucy and sure enough by the time we got home he said: I Love Lucy!! They have been inseparable since then. She is now retired to Florida along with us and loving her new life.