Lucy looking out

More: Her companion of 14 yrs, my other dog Paulie, a beagle died from a mass in his lung in Nov 20’. Things havent been the same since. She doesnt want to seem to leave the house. She used to be a terror running faster than any designer dog, whip its, grey hounds, she’d out run them. Yet have the kindest mouth to sneak up and steal a baby’s snoopy doll right off their stroller. I fought a hard fight trying to find out what was wrong w my Paulie, spend tons of money, went through 4 vets and Med Vet to still come to no concrete conclusion as to what was wrong. Im pretty pissed at veterinary medicine and Med Vet just wanting to take my money to operate. Ran into a lot of people who played their money game to just have their dogs die. I think some serious light needs to be shed on whats going on!! Vet around here when they dont know whats wrong which is really anything thats not the basics, want to push you onto OSU or Med Vet. It pisses a lot of people off these vets dont know what their doing but take your money. Want to do something for cancer come to Columbus, Oh and find out from dog owners!!