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By the Bay

More: Luke is my service dog. Also, to give back to others he and I are a pet therapy team that have our credentials as a disaster response team as well. We provide support to many people: children with autism, Alzheimer’s patients, college students with traumatic brain injuries, folks with developmental disabilities. We are part of a therapy program at a local University where I also work full time at and provide therapy sessions to students with anxiety, mental issues, and some that just miss their own dogs. We love being able to give back and bring smiles and happiness to people. It warms my heart, and to watch my amazing boy and his personality bring such joy to people makes me proud of him and our accomplishments. When we are not working, we love spending time at the beach. Luke adores swimming and this summer he learned to enjoy paddling around with us in the kayaks. He also learned to stand up on the boogie board. While I do think he is incredible and handsome, that could be construed as biased because he’s mine. Luke is our third Labrador. While the others were special, with great personalities and looks, this guy gets compliments wherever we go. Even when he’s working and people kindly ask if they can speak to me, they just stop me to say how handsome and good oooking he is. He also loves his Orvis bed and blanket and the best thing is the hammock car seat protector. It’s a great product and perfect for a sandy, damp dog after enjoying our times at the beach. We would be honored if he made the catalog. We have talked about it since he was a puppy. Imagine if Luke was in an Orvis catalog someday?