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A dog in her new happy place

More: As a puppy Maisy was held in a shelter in Arkansas and she was badly in need of rescue. Luckily she was saved by a loving family in Central NY who she lived with for a couple of years. As Maisy grew up, she soon outgrew their backyard, looking for more space and adventure in the great outdoors. It was a hard decision, but her family knew she wanted a different life. We adopted Maisy in July of 2020. She now lives and travels with us between our homes in Rhode Island and Vermont, where she has unlimited space to roam and be the wild dog she was always meant to be. Maisy’s favorite things to do include hunting for small game, jumping like a fox in the snow, playing a good game of chase, meeting new friends, catching tennis balls, climbing on sand piles, accompanying us on long hikes in the mountains and woods, and giving as many lickies as anyone can physically handle. She is affectionate and loves to play. She is a very fast dog with a lot of agility. Her favorite foods are all based on meat and cheese and she loves the occasional treat of a deer antler or real bone. She also enjoys laying down when she eats her dog food. Sometimes she throws her food into the air to catch it. She is afraid of stink bugs and bees and is annoyed by flies, but she is fine with the sound of power tools or heavy machinery and readily jumps into a canoe to go fishing with us without fear. We are so happy to have found Maisy, and we think she has finally found her happy place by our sides. (Photo taken at our wooded property in central Vermont).