the handsomest and most goofiest boy i know 🫶🏼.

More: This is my baby boy. His name is Marley. My parents adopted him and his sister Lola from a friend when they were babies. Their dad is a yellow lab and their mom is a german shepherd from what we know. From the very start he was super outgoing, loving, playful, funny, and most of all innocent. He is innocent in the way of there is no bad or mean bone in his body. All he knows how to do is love us all unconditionally. He will always be loyal and kind even if he didn’t get the same in return. His favorite activities are finding/collecting objects outside, playing in the water, going on adventures with his three best friends, playing tug of war with his favorite rope, being the center of attention, and most of all getting pampered with belly rubs from me. Last year his sister Lola passed away. The worst part was we didn’t know how or why. All we knew was she stopped eating and drinking. She became weak and lifeless in a short amount of time. My heart broke because we weren’t able to help her. The day after she passed Marley got sick too. I watched his fun and happy soul start to fade away. The vet didn’t know what was wrong with him either. I thought I was going to lose him too. My mom and I stayed with him for an entire week and did everything we could to help him. We bottle fed him, gave him 2 liquid ivs, and gave him as many cuddles and love as we could. I slept on the floor with him and never left his side. I talked to him the entire time. I begged him to not leave us but I also told him it was okay if he had to. No matter what I told him he would be loved and cherished always and forever. The day before Christmas something changed. His strength started to return. On the day of Christmas, the life in his eyes returned. It was like magic. He came back to me. A Christmas Miracle. Throughout my life I have always heard those words being spoken by others. I now know what they mean. I know it is real and not just a saying in a movie or a lyrics in a song. He is a real life angel who changed my life. I will always be grateful. This photo captures Marley in the middle of playtime. In this moment he is silly and full of energy. He is authentically and effortlessly himself. My sweet boy.