Maverick Guinness O’Leary

"Watching, protecting, enjoying"

More: When I initially took this picture Mav and I were out for our usual adventure and we hadn't been here in awhile. We sat for over an hour just like this looking, listening, and just taking it all in. (wishing I had brought my fly rod). My post on my FB page was "just a boy and his dog." I know I'm 58. lol Anyhow Maverick is our 3rd Lab and he is a relentles upland bird hunter trained by me. I'm self taught. Maverick has the ability to sometimes get pheasants before they get airborne, it's cool. Maverick is also the best protector and guard dog to our 5 grandchildren. His anticipatory senses are remarkable. It was so hard to pick a single picture and I have another one of him that I think is a winner but I didn't submit because it's not near the water, but if and even if I don't win or come close I would love to show you. no charge. We are small town people and everyone in this town loves Maverick. Most importantly, I have raised 3 labs and all three have never had a leash. All our dogs are so well behaved we never use a leash. And I never trained with treats only gentle words and love. Thanks for the opportunity.