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When there's a wheel, there's a way. And when there's sunshine, there's a brighter day.

More: Memphis is one small dog on two wheels who makes a big difference. Despite his disability and living with disease, Memphis is an active and lucky dog. With a set of wheels, he has strutted the streets of New York City, marched the iconic St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston, hobbled the harbor of Baltimore, and spun through the sand of the Jersey Shore. He’s cart-climbed the ‘Rocky’ steps of Philadelphia and moved over mountains in Vermont. He wheels his way through fundraising walkathons for canine and human cancer, brightens classrooms and hospital halls, advocates for animal rights, and rolls into everyone’s heart. Together, Memphis and I are committed to celebrating the inclusion of all abilities and the understanding that all dogs -- despite health or physical challenges -- can still live happy lives. Memphis' message is that all animals and people, wherever they are on the spectrum of abilities or state of health, deserve life and love. This is why Memphis would be such a great inspiration for Orvis and the Morris Animal Foundation. Memphis’ mission is to inspire adventure and encourage new possibilities. His presence promotes acceptance, empathy, and animal welfare. Like Memphis, there are many health-challenged and special needs animals with the potential to live lucky lives, and humane options to keep them happy and healthy. Saving one animal’s life can have a great impact on our lives, too. Memphis' positive image can greatly raise awareness and encourage donations to this wonderful organization. We can walk with Memphis and enjoy all his adventures at, and hopefully as the next cover canine! The tracks our "wheels" leave behind are our mark on the world.