Mia is driving boat

More: Mia survived a head on 110 mph collision. She was on my lap because she was fidgeting with cone on head after being fixed. We were driving a 2009 Cadillac STS. On impact with a drunk woman in Toyota. Headlights hit each car doing 55 mph with no braking. Lady ran a red light. Her car spun around twice and landed infront me of to side against curb. The engine collapsed on to street in our car that saved our lives. But poor Mia got her head & body squished against steering wheel and me. Her brain was swelling and lungs collapsed needed to be in oxygen tent for 24 hours to inflate her lungs. She would fall over every time they stood her up. Until anti inflammatory drugs worked and she recovered faster than I did. She went home in 2 days. I went home in 5 days. Had shattered my hip socket and wrist and was in wheel chair for 5 months. Then waited two more months then cut hip out and replaced it. My other dog Max is my 10lbs support dog. He bounced off windshield suffering concussion and bruised organs. But swims 100 laps in 50' pool. Mia swims 1 or 2 laps but mostly likes riding on boogie board. We call it her boat ride in pool. They have brought us so much love!