Miss Maggie Sweet Paws (aka Maggie)

Let’s dig!!! My ball is in here somewhere!

More: Maggie is amazing! She is smart, sweet, gentle, and loving. Besides loving her family, she loves snow and the beach, both offer wonderful digging opportunities! Maggie is a beautiful swimmer and swims in the bay and our pool. One cold, windy, rainy day when Maggie was just over a year old she rescued a baby duck. Maggie was swimming out to grab her ball when she spotted the baby duck, all by itself. She swam/herded the baby duck back to shore to where I stood watching in amazement. The baby duck then followed us back to our car, a good half mile walk down the beach. After searching the beach for any sign of the duck family, I called animal rescue. Our baby duck grew up with another abandoned baby duck. When the ducks were old enough, they were released into the wild together.