I am Musa

More: Musa is a rescue dog. I brought her home when she was only 1 year old, and here she is now, at 17! She has become a little bit of a legend in her time. She went from a dog with no manner or training to being awarded her Good Canine Citizen certificate, was placed on the AKC registry; can, without fail, alert someone who is about to have an anxiety attack, and she's a two time cancer survivor. People who meet her say she's kind and noble. She's also brilliant, goofy, TOO smart and has a fighting spirit that amazes me. All of her Veterinarians say she's lived well past the age most German Short-haired Pointers do and yet she still manages to drag me down the street. She still wants to play and still loves swimming at the beach. Although these activities are harder for her these days, her spirit is like no other and she always takes time to smell the roses.