Got it made in the shade

More: I love my family very much and I am spoiled beyond measure along with my fur siblings but I am the only female and I am treated like the Diva that I am. Mom makes sure we have plenty of doggie toys to play with. She once bought me a sweater to wear but I had it torn up and off within a couple of minutes and so she stopped trying to dress me ever since. I love taking my daily naps in the master bed (a doggie bed just will not do) and I love going for car rides (I love getting a Pup Cup) and I love our new home. We have ducks on our pond and I love to watch the beautiful Canadian Geese when they fly in and swim around the pond. I get nervous with bad weather with all of the rain and thunder and lightning but mom keeps me close to her, to ease my fear. My mom helps with animal rescue and I’m proud of her for helping so many furbabies. I wish all doggies were treated as good as I am.