A quick hike to overlook the Sleeping Bear Dunes

More: Nelson is a big gentle bear who recently got diagnosed with a degenerative nerve condition that will lead to him not being able to walk. This photo is from a recent cross-country road trip we took so he could use those legs all over the country while they still work. He saw the ocean for the first time, 6 national parks, lots of wildlife, and so many new friends. But the Great Lakes were his favorite part. This was Nelson‘s second big adventure; when he was three he got scared by a bee and jumped out of the window of a car onto a busy street and then disappeared into the woods for 10 days where he miraculously survived unscathed. He is 90 pounds of pure scaredy-cat, a total brat, and the definition of a best friend—affectionate, amiable, sweet, cuddly, and with a big lovely personality.