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Ollie catching frisbee

More: Ollie was a gift to us from my husband's ex-wife who was dying of cancer. He was 1 year old when we agreed to take him permanently and my husband's ex wife's health deteriorated and she couldn't take care of the dog or even get up at night to let the dog out. We started taking Ollie on the weekends, then it led to during the week and then eventually we got Ollie permanently. We didn't rescue Ollie, Ollie rescued us. I had just moved from AZ to Connecticut and had just put my cat of 17 years down when we started taking care of Ollie. He is a Dachshund/ Yorkie mix and they call the breed a Dorkie...he is the smartest dog I've ever had. You can ask him to go get a specific toy and he comes back with the toy you asked him to bring to you. He is the friendliest and most loving dog who loves all other dogs, cats, children and would go home with anyone who wanted to take him! He loves to catch his frisbee and would do it for hours! He loves to go hiking in the woods, run in the snow and just sit for hours on his cushion and bed outside with us and watch the rabbits, squirrels, birds and little chippies we call them! He goes with us everywhere and even on vacation to the Cape. We especially love his ears and when we come home from being out, you can see his silhouette in the window of his cute ears popping out of his head! We call them the flying nun ears! He is the best dog ever and whenever anyone meets Ollie, they eventually fall in love with him too. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.