Fluffy Ears, Fluffy Snow

More: Penny is an Orvis Dog through and through. Adopted from a rescue as a puppy, Penny quickly grew into a resilient trail pup with a love for snow, backpacking, mountain adventures, and swimming excursions. We live in Golden Colorado and when asked her breed, we would simply state she is a "Golden Mountain Dog" but after developing a rare digestive disease that was luckily diagnosed as Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI), we discovered more about her German roots and determined her breed as a Hovawart. Today, her disease remains but is manageable with enzymes added to everything she eats. She is truly the light of our lives, sleeps in her Orvis embroider memory foam dog bed every night and lives for drives to our mountain trailheads with her Orvis Grip-Tight® Quilted Hose-Off Hammock Seat Protector. She is our adventure partner and the best dog daughter to grace our lives.