Pip the Moonlit Jewel Richardson

Happy happy happy !!!

More: Pip is the most loving adorable dog to have ever become our family member. He literally loves all people and dogs. His favorite thing to do is watch the wildlife in our yard and be snuggled up again at us when he is inside. He is the perfect breed for a family. He thinks he’s human and our grandson, who is 11, is his favorite boy. He is smart as a whip and loves to go in the car or truck. The many faces of Pip are documented on Instagram where he has his own account. Look for #pipplusone on Instagram to see his photos and videos. He is our late in life baby since all our kids are grown snd we love spoiling him. His favorite food is sandwich bread. He loves water and going to our farm. He loves digging for moles on the yard. He plays well with all other dogs big and small. He just such a joy to love. He loves so joyfully. Carol Richardson, Pip’s Mom.