I love to hike!

More: We adopted Prince in May of this past year. He was and still can be anxious, and scared to be left alone. When we are at home he literally is our shadow. He’s a very active boy, he loves to hike, loves to play frisbee, run after the birdie when my Mom and Dad play badminton. He also enjoys sitting on his parents’ paddle board and loves to take in the beautiful surroundings. He also attempts to herd children on skateboards! When traveling in the car, he has a very hard time focusing if the windshield wipers are in use. ( he likes to attack them) When seated traveling in the back seat of the car, he can be found trying to bite the passing cars..He’s very different and unique from the dogs we’ve had, but we are truly enjoying the quirky behavior this guy has!! Looking forward to many more adventures with our boy!!