On the red carpet, with my wingman Spatz

More: We rescued Quidd for Puerto Rico 5 months ago. He was found chained to a porch and the owner gave him up to the rescue group, Island Dog Rescue of Va Beach. When he arrived he had been attacked by a dog on the way to the States and had to have 12 staples to close his wound. He is not afraid of any dogs and one of his favorites is a 100lbs pitbull named Blue. His spirit is amazing and everywhere he goes he is the star of the show!!! He has stolen our hearts and we are so blessed to have found him. At his doggy daycare, Happy Tails, he gets love from all the staff as they can’t get enough of him either! They take pictures everyday when the dogs are there. If you need more we have plenty! I will stop here as I could go on and on!! Thank you!