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Raleigh Roo

I am the leader of my pack (aka my momma)

More: Raleigh is the most lovable, sweet, protective, stubborn, energetic dog I have ever met. If it is not his way, it is not going to happen. His favorite things include: -owning momma’s things such as her couch, many, many pairs of her shoes, her socks, her bras, her towels… you name it, it is now his -running around outside in a circle in the yard, then when it’s time to go in after a few hours, playing the ‘I’m going to come inside game’ but then playing his favorite ‘just kidding’ game and running to hide in the bushes. This is his favorite game -Raleigh is a lover, a protector of all things that are his, especially including his momma, loves to snuggle (especially at night when his ‘superman exterior’ uniform comes off -Raleigh’s favorite person is his momma and he reminds her of this by snuggling with her, especially when she is sad— he licks her tears and puts his nose right by her nose letting her know he is there. He is the best boy in the whole world and his momma shows himself that every day with lots of love, snuggles and kisses xo