A lake dog at his favorite place!

More: Remy was born abnormally small compared to his litter mates, and was only 5 pounds at 13 weeks old. Now, he is over a year old and still under 30 pounds. Although he is quite small for his breed, he has strong Border Collie instincts and LOVES to chase boats at the lake all day long. On an average summer day, he has 10 miles of activity. He is very vocal and snuggly for a border collie, and does not tolerate sleeping in because he has endless energy in the morning. He is intelligent but willful- he learns very quickly if it is convenient to him, but often refuses to listen to commands, especially if it involves chasing boats or birds. He spends most days at the lake, watching his dad water ski and racing the boat down the lake. His nickname is Remington, and his Instagram handle is @remy.the.bc