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No place I would rather be

More: I wish I could have uploaded more pictures! After he is groomed he is this handsome fuzzy hair ball! My husband and I adopted him from the shelter when he was 1, he was 24 lbs underweight and had tendencies that suggested he was previously abused. We adopted him in January, about 11 months later I injured my neck pretty significantly and lost the job I had worked years to obtain, I was depressed and in pain and he was there for me, you always hear about how adopted/saved companion animals in fact save their mom or dad and that is 100% true, he saved me and brings me joy every single day! We taught him to ride the 4 wheeler, he loves to go on walks, hikes and any outdoor adventure! He is highly intelligent and very food/motivated (ha) but most importantly a beautiful soul and a very very very good boy!