Roopa, a versatile Vizsla and "Once in a lifetime canine companion"

More: Roopa, our resident comedienne since puppyhood,  earned her nickname "Frootloop" due to her playful antics that not only left us scratching our heads but had us laughing out loud. Roopa brings us endless joy every day. She is incredibly smart,  almost human in her ability to communicate and understand, as well as express her emotions.  She was  extremely easy to train and live with, as she seemed to just know what to do and is equally eager to please. Roopa blossomed into a beautiful, eager hunter as well as a top-winning show dog. She loves looking for birds and will do so all day long. She earned her Senior Hunter title with ease. Her beauty, conformation, and exquisite movement earned her top accolades in the show ring including a Best in Show,  multiple sporting group wins, and 21 Vizsla Specialty Shows (a record for a female vizsla). She was the no.1 Vizsla in USA in 2017 and is a Platinum Level Grand Champion. Roopa had 2 litters and was a natural, loving, but not overbearing mother, teaching them independence and patience. Roopa loves to eat (anything!) and curl up under the covers and enjoy quiet time. But, if there's a bird to be found in the yard, you can be sure the "Frootloop" is outside looking for it, rain or shine!